James Holden’s new toy?


"I always wanted to make VioLet Composer free, but by doing it as a GPL project on SourceForge I get access to all kinds of free services for hosting and developing the software, as well as protecting…


Aaron Oxford from Australia likes camping and going to the beach, likes to watch SciFi and anime and listen to a lot of Psy Trance. He created VioLet Composer (VC) a music program based on the concept of Buzz. Despite the fact Buzz hasn't been updated for ages (source code gone) it still has a user base & community. For example, a guy like James Holden has been using it. VC might be his next toy!

Tell about yourself Aaron!
"I've been tracking since the days of ProTracker. Of course the Amiga went the way of the dinosaur and I had a brief stint on Impulse Tracker 3 and FastTrakker before discovering Buzz. By this stage I'd graduated high school and started my studies. I did a few Buzz machines, and wrote a bunch of tunes on Buzz. I was really getting back into the scene again on a whole new level when Oskari Tammelin (creator of Buzz) lost the source code and everything kind of fell apart.

"I found I just couldn't get back into music with things like Psycle, Fruity Loops and Cubase - mainly because the approach was too different to Buzz, which despite its limitations did give you a huge amount of freedom. So I did work as a web developer for a few years and was oblivious to what happened to all those people I used to know.

"VC was started towards the end of my work as a web developer, just before I opened up my computer shop/consultancy with a couple of my uni mates. These days that takes up most of my time and VC is and probably always will be a side-project. I relieve my stress by working on other things such as my duplicate picture finder (for all those hundreds of thousands of pictures of... stuff... that I have), Artificial DJ which responds to feedback from

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