Tue, November 26, 2013  
This may come in handy! An application that analyzes the tones played in an audio file and helps you write the chord chart.

Casio Chordana is an app that analyzes the audio files in your iPad or iPhone, and displays them on the screen as a chord chart. When you play an analyzed song, the corresponding chord positions for the instrument are displayed as the song progresses.

The analyzed chords will be a close match to the mood of the song, but may not necessarily be the same chords as those used in the original. To check the result you can play the results of the chord analysis on the instrument pad. You can then edit the chords yourself as you listen to the actual sounds and write even more accurate chord chart. This is quicker and easier than trying to figure out the chords just by ear.

Chordana comes in two flavors. Chordana Viewer is aimed at musicican to figure out chord schemes. Chordana Tap is made for anyone to play along with their favorite tunes. Instant chord karaoke!