Electrify iOS Groovebox


Electrify is a virtual sample based Groovebox for your iPad. Electrify offers 8 tracks each with 8 clips in an easy to understand matrix layout.


Electrify is a virtual sample based Groovebox for iOs with a clip based arranger. It was designed to combine the best features of existing hardware grooveboxes and the ease of use of software applications in one creative touchable app.

Electrify offers 8 tracks each with 8 clips. Tracks are aligned horizontally in Matrix View. Clips of a track are aligned vertically from top to bottom. Each track plays one clip at a time. Each clip contains a sample. Clips in green are currently playing, red ones are idle. Yellow clips are fired to start playing at the next bar, or when the current clip is finished depending on their setting.

Samples will not be timestretched automatically. Use Sample View to set up the desired sample for the selected clip, allowing you to change their start and loop points. With Shuffle you can create a groovy feel. The more shuffle, the earlier every even 16th note will be played.

To shape your sound you have two effect buses which you can utilize. Chain them if you wish, and choose numerous effects for each of them. You can further process the sum signal of Electrify with an 3-band-equalizer and a compressor.

With Electrify you can use the factory samples provided by Mutekki Media or load your own samples using iTunes to create unique electronic music.

See video on YouTube here.