Mon, April 22, 2013  
Glitchbreaks is an iOS Universal manipulation tool for breakbeats created by Alex Matheu. It let's you create new beats and record them on the fly.

Glitchbreaks uses four continuous looping audio channels each setup with a dedicated pad. Touch one of the four pads on the bottom of the screen to play the sound that is currently loaded on that pad. Touch another pad to switch sounds, when you do this the sound will play where the other sound was located in time. Thus switching sounds at key points in the beat, Glitchbreaks allows you to construct new breakbeats effortlessly.

Glitchbreaks automatically detects the BPM of loaded beats and adjusts the speed accordingly to match the other sounds. Set loop length and loop start points with the Loop Modulation XY-Pad. There also are XY-Pads for selecting four different Glitch or Cut styles.

With Audiobus and MIDI support added from version 1.27 you can stream live audio from Glitchbreaks directly to other Audiobus-compatible apps and play sounds from your favorite MIDI gear.