Hardware Hackers: Zoybar


Ziv Bar Ilan, the creator of the Zoybar Mashup Guitar explains why he came up with the concept and his expectations for future hacks.


Zoybar provides modular hardware kits that enable musicians to assemble custom electric string instruments. The Zoybar kits however are not a catalog of guitar parts. Its design allows the users to mount numerous sound effects controllers that are made by other manufacturers and end users. In short, Zoybar is a mashup guitar!

Choice being its most precious commodity, Zoybar is an Open Hardware platform. All of the components can be replaced, added or removed without the need to hack the instrument. The whole concept is open for independent upgrades and modifications. Zoybar's approach considers every user a potential unique developer creating a decentralized R&D lab. This special relationship between Zoybar and its users aims to provide support and incentives for actual needs rather than dictating unwanted products.

Brainchild of a guy named Ziv Bar Ilan, we thought the Zoybar concept intriguing enough to try find out more about. Imagine mounting laptops on guitars! :)

Ziv Bar Ilan, that's an exotic name - where are you from?

"I am an Israeli industrial designer, for the last six years I've been living in Kiryat Anavim a Kibbutz located between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Israel."

Zoybar looks like a transformer robot. It can be mounted with different necks, different pickups - and there's plenty of room for third party hardware effects. Instant sound control at your fingertips - is that possible without sacrificing playability and characteristics of a guitar?

"Well, this is a fair question but we see no point in making a replica

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