Wed, July 27, 2011  

iShred LIVE and StompBox are the essential mobile tools for any guitarist on-the-go. The iShred app, which is designed for both iPhone and iPad, is now compatible with the recently released StompBox foot-controller from Griffin Technology Inc.

From changing presets to playing a backing track to controlling the metronome, iShred LIVE + StompBox turns your iDevice into an extremely compact and portable stage-worthy effects rig.

With the expression pedal input, iShred LIVE + StompBox can also control effect levels including volume, delay, wah, and any other variable setting, all with your hands free to rock out.

The two are completely preconfigured with four banks of four pedal controls and one expression control, giving a total 20 controls at any given time. This setup is easily user customizable, allowing for control of what you want, when you want.

With the free download of iShred LIVE, the first three effects are free but you're able to make some additional in-app purchase if you like to use more effects. Click the link for more info, features and demo. It's just a few foot-clicks (or taps) away! :)

  iShred LIVE