Plugin Heaven


Swedish developers Kilohearts make some pretty nice plugins. And to introduce you to their trade they’ve got a very nice pack of freebies for you to try out!


Kilohearts' approach to user interfacing is bit different from what you usually see. To make my point I’ll split plugin makers into two groups. The first group make plugins in the style of analog gear with an interface that generally looks like a hardware box (Waves for example). With just a few dials and buttons for operation such plugins are straightforward to use with hardly any learning curve. Of course you need to understand what can you do with them, and how, but the interface is analog style - one button, one function. The other group create plugins with an interface that’s fully focused on functionality and flexibility (iZotope for example) and such interfaces can only reside in software. These plugins generally offer a wealth of functions and are more difficult to grasp. You need to spend some time with them before you understand their user interface. Both flavors have con’s and pro’s and most producers that I know are happy to use both types next to one another.

Now Kilohearts have managed to create a marriage between both approaches that works pretty well. They make very simple looking plugins (dubbed Snapins by Kilohearts) that you can use individually in your DAW. They do not look like a hardware box; yet they’re operated analog style simply with just a few controls. Nothing fancy about them, they just do what you’d expect. They’ve got plenty of them. Echo, reverb, compressor and 15 or so more. And they do their job well. The compressor for example works very well with vocals. On vocal tracks, I prefer chaining few compressors after one another – each with moderate settings – over applying heavy compression with just a single plugin. Kilohearts’ compressor is a perfect match for that approach. You can create subtle musical changes with it (especially in combination with Snap heap - see next page).

So what’s the special hook with those Snapins? Simply said

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