Sun, October 13, 2013  
Preceding the App Store by six months with their “Pianist” music app in 2008, MooCowMusic was one of the first iPhone development software houses - producing innovative music creation software for the iOS platform. Pianist was the first widely-accessible multi-touch keyboard on a mobile device. MooCowMusic have since successfully released a couple of similar instrument apps, such as "Guitarist" and "Bassist."

Their most recent app "Looptical" takes another approach. It is a complete music production solution for your iPhone. Record your musical ideas on the go, and mix them into a finished track, or use them as the basis for a new project back at your studio.

Start the song-writing process by creating a few short loops, and then use the Loop Bank to manipulate them to intuitively build towards the final song.


Visit the Tutorials page to watch videos on various aspects of the app at the link below. Learn how to make a Dubstep 'Wobble Bass' instrument, and play the filter LFO live - plus a lot more.