MIDI Studio, MIDI controller for iPad and iPhone


MIDI Studio is a new MIDI controller for iPad and iPhone. This app supports CoreMidi, WiFi, USB and holds a virtual keyboard, a drum pad and more.

 MIDI Studio

Wiksnet Inc has just released MIDI Studio, a new MIDI controller for iPad and iPhone. According to the company, this app was developed because the market was missing a complete product where users just have to use one app instead of different apps or programs. A lot of these ideas were built into the first release.

MIDI Studio 1.0
* CoreMidi
* True Velocity Sensitive (with the force of impact)
* Modulation (X&Y)
* Drum pads (with velocity)
* Faders
* Knobs
* Buttons
* Knobs/Buttons + Keys
* Touch pads
* Two Keyboards
* Different Keys Size
* Custom Key Scale

For the next version of Midi Studio, the developers at Wikisnet plan to implement more user requests to improve the functionality and make the product even better.

Next release:
* Ability to create your own layouts/templates and controls.
* Basic transport Controls at the top of the screen.
* On/off solo, rec buttons near faders. etc.
* Longer faders, Horizontal faders
* Jog
* Dial
* Different Velocity Presets
* A more different key sizes
* Guitar and guitar strings
* Drum pad with a view of live drums
* Ableton Live presets for (Midi Sync settings)

Watch MIDI Studio in action at YouTube, and try it out for yourself.

MIDI Studio is now available for iPhone and iPad at the App Store.