Fri, January 11, 2013  
Meet Moosify: a team of clever developers, interface and marketing guys who have been reinventing the idea of a music disovery service. With the free Moosify app(s) you can meet new people through a common taste in music and places.

It's a new, more social way of discovering the music that is around you. For instance when you're exploring new places in your neighborhood or when you just moved somewhere new and don't know anyone yet. It's an exciting new way of meeting new people at the same time, all according to your own personal taste.

"Moosify is dedicated to the demands and behavior of the youth generation, where music, entertainment and places play an important role when it comes to meeting new people," explains Hans Posch, Founder and CEO of Moosify.

Moosify is free and now available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Spotify.


Moosify introduction

"We’re particularly excited about the launch of our app within Spotify, which enables millions of Spotify users to connect with like-minded people with a few clicks."