Wed, October 20, 2010  

mScribble is a new music-creation app for the iPhone and iPod touch that allows players to feel like accomplished composers as they scribble their way through an array of diverse tracks and beats. The technology used in mScribble’s development creates beautiful, original compositions while players experience the joy and educational benefits of musical exploration!

Aerospace technology
The concepts and algorithms used to develop mScribble were originally created for extremely complex design problems in the Aerospace industry. Utilizing this unique technology, mScribble enables users to concentrate on creating melodies, rather than the technicalities behind musical articulation.

By capturing and managing the effects of dynamics, timbre, and texture of a musical composition, mScribble provides a quintessential foundation for users to create unique masterpieces.

Perfect for children, parents, music teachers, and music lovers alike, mScribble includes ten different music styles and allows users to choose from four “sound colors” which alter the underlying tone. By tapping and scribbling on the screen, the user controls the pitch and volume of their melodies while mScribble’s intelligent music technology assures that each masterful creation is always in perfect key!

mScribble creator Appular and Panpipes Ho! aim to further expand the availability of music-learning tools by creating a technologically advanced app that makes experimenting with music in new ways fun and rewarding for all ages.

  mScribble @ iTunes