The Numark NS7 Controller


Numark and Serato jointly developed NS7 to deliver a completely new DJ experience. Together, NS7 and ITCH create an authentic vinyl-scratch DJ experience.

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Just a few weeks to go before the Numark NS7 controller for Serato's ITCH software will be available. This sophisticated piece of hardware is a new step in making the "digital revolution" in DJing even better!

Numark and Serato jointly developed NS7 to deliver a completely new DJ experience. It features two seven-inch motorized, adjustable-torque, aluminum turntable platter controls complete with vinyl, slipmats and 45 RPM adapters. Separating the two turntable decks is a premium DJ mixer with replaceable, digital VCA crossfader and line faders, firm, rubberized knobs, rugged switches and buttons, Strip Search (patent pending) virtual-needle drop controls, and host of other innovative features.

If you're already using Scratch LIVE you can use ITCH well. It's as easy as that. Both are fully compatible with crates, loops, and cue points and NS7 is also compatible with most other MIDI DJ software applications. A newly developed communication protocol is used for communication between NS7 and the computer that sends MIDI data over a single USB cable at more than twice the standard speed. The result is extremely high-resolution control with full MIDI compliance.

NS7 also contains a high-quality, 24-bit digital audio interface with mic/line input and headphone and system outputs. A single USB cable carries all audio and control data between NS7 and the computer for simplicity of system configuration and minimal setup time.

Numark will debut the NS7 at Remix Hotel during the Winter Music Conference in Miami but you can already see it in action here. The Numark NS7 controller will be available worldwide from March 24th.

  Nurmark NS7