OscilloScoop Music App


Thu, July 14, 2011  
This music app inspired by video games and animation won the 2011 ZKM App Art Award for "Technical Innovation" earlier this week. Check it out!


Inspired by video games and animation is the new OscilloScoop app for iPhone and iPad. With this music app you can create musical grooves by simply gliding your fingertips over 3D spinning crowns.

OscilloScoop is designed by Lukas Girling, a creator of interactive musical interfaces who has worked with world-renowned musicians and music technologists including Laurie Anderson and Max Mathews. Interactive artist and programmer Scott Snibbe created the app along with app developer Graham McDermott.

The app features continuous tone melody; 16- and 32-beat quantizing; low-pass filter; volume control; selection of loopable beats in techno, hip hop, electro, and house; tempo control from 60 to 140 beats per minute; in-app purchase of additional beat sets; preset saves for live performance; and fine-grain editing when you tilt into landscape.

The best news is that OscilloScoop won the 2011 ZKM App Art Award (out of 93 submissions) for "Technical Innovation" earlier this week! This means a prize of 10,000 euro awarded by MFG Baden-Württemberg, Public Innovation Agency for ICT and Media. Only three awards are given in this first-ever prize for apps created with artistic vision and purpose.

OscilloScoop is available from the App Store for $1,99.