Mon, February 22, 2010  

Shazam announced a number of significant enhancements for its popular Shazam Encore and (SHAZAM)RED Apps earlier this month. With the enhanced version of the apps, iPhone and iPod touch users now have access to a number of new and innovative features including access to tour information for tagged artists, the Shazam Blog and the ability to use Pandora and to create Internet radio stations using their tagged music.

In what are perhaps some of the most exciting new features associated with this update, Shazamers, in addition to directly accessing Pandora or to listen to stations from their track, can also now continue their music discovery by accessing comprehensive tour and ticket information for tagged artists.

When a song is tagged, an icon will be displayed that, when tapped, provides tour information for that band or artist. Users can now find out where their favorite tagged artists are performing both locally, with automated geolocation functionality, and in other cities around the world with access to 60 sources covering 140 countries. The application also offers recommendations for local gigs scheduled for similar artists.

With Pandora or, Shazam users can create their own radio stations that include additional songs by tagged artist as well as songs from other artists with similar styles and genres. When a song is tagged, an icon will appear in the Tag Results page which takes the user directly to their radio station.

Users must have already downloaded the relevant Internet radio app in order to access this feature and must also be in the geographic region where Pandora and are accessible. The Pandora App is currently only available in US and App is available in US, UK and Germany.