Thu, June 13, 2013  
Whilst you can use SampleWiz just as a sampler its sonic possibilities reach way beyond what a classic sampler can do.

Offering a sample length of up to 10 seconds, you have three different sampling modes to choose from: classic, granular, and modern.

With the classic setting you can utilize SampleWiz as traditional sampler allowing you to play any sample on a different pitch than it was recorded, whilst the granular mode features Wizdom Music's own take on a granular synthesis engine allowing you to make weird sonic modulations. Modern explores new sampling possibilities using Dirac technology to allow formants and time to be adjusted automatically over a device-selected range.

  SampleWiz Manual

SampleWiz, created by Wizdom Music in 2011, was awarded "Music Making App Of The Year" that year by the Music Industries Association, and despite its sort of sloppy looking user interface still is one of the best sampling instruments for iOS today.