Shazam iPad App


Fri, April 23, 2010  
It was just a matter of time before it was announced. The globally popular music discovery app is also coming to iPad, and it's free!


It was just a matter of time before it was announced. Now it has become a reality. After the success of its 15 million times, Shazam is now coming to iPad and is hoping to repeat its succes on Apple's newest device.

The app is a specially designed version of the globally popular music discovery app that lets users identify new music and enjoy a rich music discovery experience that utilizes some of the unique features of iPad such as its innovative Multi-Touch display.

Shazam has utilized iPad's innovative visualization features to give users the option to browse, share and create their tag list in a new and unique way. For example, when the app is initially opened, the user will immediately see the latest Shazam charts and have the option of creating their own tag list by adding any song from the Shazam chart to their list.

For selected tracks, the users would then have access to a comprehensive range of information such as artist biographies, lyrics, discographies and more.

Additionally, Shazam App users on iPad can directly access the recommendations feature and add songs to their tag list or just see added detail about a recommended track. On iPad, Shazam users can build tag lists without ever having to identify a song, though they can always still tag and discover new music through Shazam's audio recognition.

The Shazam App for iPad is available for free from the App Store.

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