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Sat, April 07, 2012  
The Sun Boxes mobile app (Android and iOS) allows you to transform your immediate environment into a collaborative sound installation.


Sun Boxes is a sound installation piece by Craig Colorusso consisting of 20 solar-powered speakers each playing a single swelling guitar note. These guitar notes collectively make a Bb chord. There is a different loop set to play a guitar note in each box continuously. Because the loops are different in length, once the piece begins they continually overlap and the piece slowly evolves over time.

Sun Boxes are an environment to enter and exit at will, but the Sun Boxes mobile app allows users to enjoy the sounds of Sun Boxes whenever they want, wherever they are. Stream the piece, interact with the sounds by toggling them on and off, or collaborate with people nearby by turning each of your mobile devices into a Sun Boxes. What has Craig to say about his idea?

What inspired you to make Sun Boxes, and why sun powered?
"In November 2008, long time collaborator and good friend “Sexy” David Sanchez Burr called me up and said,” YO! Come up with something solar, we have a residency in the desert.” He hung up and I thought about it for a while. Although I would cite Dave as the main catalyst, Sun Boxes had already started, long before that phone call. Like a lot my pieces it’s very hard to pin point the actual beginning. It seems more accurate to say there were many observations collected along the way. And then one day I woke up to find 20 solar powered speakers."

Why guitar notes?
"I play guitar and Bass Clarinet. For a few moments after that call from Sexy, I thought the BC would be great. But the pure tones of the guitar seemed more appropriate and I'm still happy with the choice."

Can people add their own sound-sets in the App?
"The app does not allow other sounds. Just the audio from Sun Boxes."

Why the limitation of 20 sounds in the App?
"Although there are only 20 different notes. More than 20 people can be part of the collaborative session."

Listen to the piece by yourself or recruit your friends to turn each mobile device into a sun box. 20 people can make it just like the piece. Check the Android or iOS version.

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