SunVox Synthesizer


SunVox is a free modular environment for Android or iOS, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Maemo, Meego, PalmOS and Windows Mobile.


Modular music in your pocket. That's essentially what SunVox is about. It is a modular based music creation tool with a tracker based pattern sequencer combined with modular synthesizers.

With SunVox you can compose music anywhere - on any device! Use it on your smartphone with Android or iOS but it's also available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Maemo, Meego, PalmOS, Windows Mobile and iOS. And it's FREE!

To cater flawless operation on various devices SunVox has a very flexible architecture. For example: if you use it on a pocket computer with a slow CPU, your audio will be 13bit (fixed point arithmetic.) If you take it to your home PC with a powerful CPU your audio will be 32bit sound (floating point arithmetic.)

Being a modular environment SunVox can be tailored to your specific needs for every project. It comes with plenty of modules for you to use: a drummachine, sampler, FM synth, SpectraVoice synth and all effects you would need. You can even built your own synths and FX with the MetaModule (user manual.)

Want to hear how SunVox sounds? The best way to find out: head over to the dedicated SunVox Soundcloud Group where users post their creations.

With 142 contributors and counting, there's plenty to explore.

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