Mon, October 25, 2010  
The Big App Show is a daily interactive show broadcast made by former MTV host and the founder of podcasting, Adam Curry.

Adam features a full screen demo of the coolest free/paid apps each day. The idea behind it is that you can try an app before you buy it from the App Store. Pretty smart! The Big App Show is a free app and available for iPhone, iPod Touch and just recently for Android as well.

Check the official website of the Big App Show for a short demo. Adam explains how the app works. From the screens in the background it seems that he's already demoed two great music apps so far, Four Track Music Studio and Auditorium. Nice one Adam!

Click the link below to visit The Big App Show site. You'll find a link to the App Store or you can watch a demo featuring some celebrities who fell in love with the app :)

  The Big App Show website


An appisode of The Big App Show.

Get The Big App Show at the AppStore now.