Celebrating 15 years of VST


Steinberg's VST technology turns 15 on July 15. Enjoy limited special offers on a monthly basis that last for 15 mins or is limited to 15 units. Hit it!


Back in 1996, Steinberg developed and unveiled a groundbreaking interface technology that forever changed the world of digital music production: Virtual Studio Technology (VST). The technology was developed by Karl Steinberg and firstly introduced in Cubase for Atari ST and Mac. The software is still one of the world's most used DAW's.

With the VST technology it's possible to create virtual instruments and effects, also known as VST plugins. The latest version (VST 3.5) was introduced with Cubase 6 earlier this year.

If you like to join the festivities for the 15 anniversary of VST, you better visit the Steinberg Online Shop on July 15, 2011, at 15:00 (CEST).

From that day, Steinberg is presenting limited special offers on a monthly basis. It will remain secret what these offers will be until the day they are available. Each promotion lasts for 15 minutes or is limited to 15 units (depending on the offer) and will be available exclusively through their online shop.