Why you should learn Protools?


If you take your music seriously you will end up in a professional recording studion sooner or later. And that's the domain of Protools.


I'm a laptoprocker. So I'm working inside the box. I'm an Ableton Live addict since version 2 and I hate all other DAWs. So why should I learn Protools? The answer is as simple as practical: because it is the defacto recording standard in recording studios. And if you take your music seriously you will end up in such studio sooner or later. Admitted, you can come a long way in your home studio - but to capture that perfect vocal or record that totally snappy drum riff you will need some pro grear. And most of us cannot afford that. Did I mention the sound of your room yet? Professional studios do have rooms that sound great - you don't.

So let's assume you'll find yourself in a third-party studio sooner or later. You can bet on it the engineer is using Protools. Now of course you can ask him to compile the perfect performance from the takes you've recorded together, let him export it - and take that file home to your favorite DAW. Works fine! Everybody happy! But then couple of days (or weeks or months) later you realize the audio you took with you doesn't sit in your mix as nicely as you expected. Then you start thinking back of another take that might solve the issue. And that's where the trouble begins. You'll have to go back to the engineer, ask him to go trough the recordings to find that take for you or have him sent you the whole bunch of files for you to sort out. Both options don't really work. And if you're unlucky the engineer might even have deleled the actual file you're looking for (especially if a couple of months passed by) because he only kept the underlying files of the 'perfect' compilation.

It would have been so much easier if you took the full Protools recording session with you to (re)compile that perfect take yourself inside Protools.

So I'm going to try learn finding my way in Protools. The good news is that you can do this for free with Protools First. Admitted it's a limited version (unable to import a studio session) with cloud storage only - but as there's zero cost, it's a nobrainer. Check it out at the link below. What if I start lovin' it?

  Protools Free