Yonac miniSynth 2


Adding a new design and more features, Yonac refreshes the spirit of the very first iOS synthesizer ever.


When the App Store was very young, back in 2008 Yonac released the very first iOS synthesizer: miniSynth. It introduced tons of iOS users to synths and paved the way for the great things to come in mobile music making.

Adding a new design and more features, miniSynth 2 continues the spirit of the original. Simple and easy to use, it produces solid sounds based on a reduced feature set of Yonac's pro-grade synthesizers.

Like all of their synthesizers, Yonac claims there are no compromises made with miniSynth 2's sound and functionality. Everything is real-time virtual analog synthesis, without any samples used.

The new miniSynth 2 version also introduces several production-friendly features, such as Audiobus output, audio copy/paste, and a MIDI In port for playing miniSynth with an external controller or a virtual-MIDI app.

Intended as a back-to-basics iOS synth, miniSynth 2 is answering the call when the inspiration strikes. Grab it for free.