Sat, September 07, 2013  
App developer instruMagic innovate in the music and tech space with apps that let anyone play songs on their mobile device, even if they have no musical background. An example of such innovation is the jam session feature included in their ZAP Guitar app which enables anyone to create their own band!

ZAP Guitar is an unique digital guitar that allows users to search and play any song in the world, and now they can do it together. The new jam session mode will let several people play songs on multiple devices together as a band. In jam session, one person (the band leader) zaps the chords and strums the strings on his device and anyone else in the room with an iPhone or iPad can sync in and strum along - they'll always be on the same chord/phrase in the song.

instruMagic is a start-up company from Tel Aviv (Israel,) aspiring to bring the joy of playing music to everyone, regardless of their prior musical experience.