Tue, March 10, 2009  

When a user uploads a song from their personal music collection, it is sent to YouTube for processing and storage, and then syndicated through the YouTube API into the Muziic Player where anyone can listen to the song. “It’s amazing just how many songs are available. If you want it, chances are great that you will find it,” David said.

The website offers user-contributed playlists and channels, each ranked in directories sorted by category and arranged by popularity. Channels are the YouTube user accounts of those who have uploaded material, while playlists are sets of uploads arranged in a particular order, often to match an album’s track listing or a mixture of music from a certain era or genre. “While users are contributing to Muziic and promoting their own channel and videos, they are also helping build a great database of music for the entire community,” said Mark.

Also included with every download of Muziic Player is the Muziic Encoder, which allows users to drag and drop artwork to the application, along with an MP3 file. Muziic Encoder quickly outputs a video file ready for upload, containing the inputted image and audio in the background, while maintaining the MP3’s original sound quality. “The Encoder was designed to help people interact with other YouTube and Muziic users by creating their own channel to house their uploads. Muziic's unique combination of channels, playlists and forums, makes for an all-around fun time and builds extremely strong community," David said.

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