Sonimus TuCo


Wed, June 21, 2017  
Sonimus' Tube Compressor is another example of their ability to emulate vintage analog gear in the digital domain.


I particularly liked what Tuco did to the low end of the mix, especially with low compression amounts and a bit of extra drive in Stereo Vintage mode. It gave my mix just that bit of extra energy that it lacked so far. And I very much appreciated the 'Auto Makeup Gain' function. Yes! But I missed the crispness and transparency of the high-end spectrum that Izotope's Vintage Limiter always brings to the table. So I decided to move TuCo to my drumbus and use the Izotope Vintage Limiter on my master (and further ignore Ableton's Glue Compressor). TuCo felt very much at home on my drumbus, but I gave up quickly. Again the kick improved greatly, but the high end crispness suffered a bit. I knew where I wanted to go. So I moved TuCo to the individual kickdrum track and lived that typical 'wow moment' after some more tweaking of TuCo's dials to hit that kick drum's sweet spot. Next day I decided to check how TuCo would work on the synth part of this track. It was fine already, but it's dynamics made it come through quite harsh at certain spots so I wondered if squeezing just a bit with TuCo would help. And it did without much effort.

So even if TuCo 'lost it' as a glue compressor compared to Izotope's Vintage Limiter on this particular track (which hardly is a shame) my ears very much liked how TuCo responded to my actions, and my eyes liked what they see. TuCo has a great user interface and made my kick drum just right and tamed the synth line within minutes!

So I guess TuCo will remain in my plugin folder for a while. I expect TuCo to be a subject of experimentation for the next few weeks to come. And months even maybe. You never know. I'm already convinced TuCo can do wonders on any drum bus with parallel compression. And I suspect with its clever set of controls it can bring out the best when used on a vocal track. Time wil tell. Whatever gear you're using, you need to allow yourself the time to get to know it better. Knowing how to use your tools may well be more important than which tools you actually have. I think there's a fair chance TuCo will remain in my tool box forever. Alongside Satson, Britson and the Burnley EQ that I so much love for their sweet saturation. TuCo's drive knob is no exception here!

Some people may be held back by TuCo's price tag. But I don't think you'll easily find a compressor that combines similar versality with such a smart user interface in this price range.

If you're a hardcore Freebee hunter Sonimus has something for you too. A smart litte EQ that carries the name SonEQ. Don't forget to abuse it's Drive knob for Sonimus are kings of saturation.

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